CAF International School

CAF International School is in process of its elementary stage to give alternative school to our society.

India has a long history of alternative schools. Vedic and Gurukul systems of education during 1500 BC to 500 BC emphasized on acquisition of occupational skills, cultural and spiritual enlightenment in an atmosphere which encouraged rational thinking, reasoning among the students. Hence the aim of education was to develop the pupil in various aspects of life as well as ensure social service. However, with the decline of the local economies and the advent of the colonial rulers this system went into decline. Some notable reforms like English as the medium of instruction, were introduced as recommended in Macaulay’s Minute in the year 1835. The mainstream schools of today still follow the system developed in the colonial era. In the years since independence, Government has focused on expansion of school network, designing of curriculum according to educational needs, local language as the medium of instruction, etc. By the end of nineteenth century, many social reformers began to explore alternatives to contemporary education system. VivekanandaDayanand SaraswatiJyotiba PhuleSavitribai PhuleSyed Ahmed Khan were the pioneers who took up the cause of social regeneration, removal of social inequalities, promotion of girl’s education through alternate schools. In the early twentieth century educationists create models of alternative schools as a response to the drawbacks to mainstream schools which are still viable. Rabindranath Tagore‘s Shanti NiketanJiddu Krishnamurthy‘s Rishi Valley SchoolSri Aurobindo and Mother’s Sri Aurobindo International Center for Education popularly known as Ashram Schools, and Walden’s Path Magnet School are some of the examples. An upsurge in alternative schools was seen in 1970’s onward. But most of the alternate schools are the result of individual efforts rather than government. The establishment of National Institute Open Schooling (NIOS) in 1989 by Ministry of Human Resource Development was one of the steps taken by the government which took all such schools under its wings. NIOS provide platform for the alternate school children to take government prescribed examination.

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