Free Evening Class

This is the most successful program run by CAF Group.
Through this program we have successfully touched upon the lives of Slum Children and motivated parents towards education of their children.
This program has resulted in near to 100% enrollment in slums we operate and has also seen remarkable improvement in their results. We have come across various students who previously had no interest in studies and were indulged in fights or drugs but FEC has attracted them towards education through our innovative classes and motivated teacher volunteer.
FEC focuses upon children of underprivileged sections of society. We go through a set of process before inducting children into FEC.
We put the children into 7 day experimental process including activities relating to scholastic and non-scholastic areas to assess them. We ensure whether or not the child is currently enrolled in school and in cases where they are not we counsel their parents and help with their admission in school. After going through this process the child stand part of our FEC and is also provided with necessary stationeries. We are currently functional in metropolitan cities.
We have it running at several places in Delhi. These are at Shiva Camp, Motilal Nehru Camp 1, Motilal Nehru Camp 2, Sanjay Colony, and Noor Nagar. In future we have plans to extend it to Coolie Camp, Israel Colony, RangpuriPahari, and KusumpurPahari.


In our firstencounter he had stained teeth from tobacco consumption, and being abusive was a normal thing for him and to our amazement he was just of 12 years. Today he can be seen at best of his conduct and has shown steady improvement in results.


When we met him first he already had failed class 9th thrice and schools were refusing to give him admission despite his zeal towards studies. His failing is not solely concerned to his studies but also due to failure of School, burden of work at home. Different School has declined him admission citing different technicalities but we had been successful in getting him admission in one of the Delhi Government School. Through FEC we helped with his studies as well and resultant of his hard efforts, Babulal is in class 10th now.


She is resident of Noor NgarPahari slum and hails from a muslim orthodox family. Her parents object her going out and had confined her to house. We convinced her parents and realizing them the need of education got Ilma admission into the school. Ilma never had been allowed to go out but when we talked to her parents they allowed her to go out but on condition of being accompanied by her brother. She along with her brother and other children had wen to the Winter Camp organised in Palmapur, Himachal Pradesh.


Shivani lives in Shiva Camp in Munirka. She has great enthusiasm towards education but her family conditions didn’t allow her to continue schooling. Her mother fell ill which compelled Shivani to drop out from school to take care of her ailing mother. After gap of 2 years she again wanted to resume schooling along with taking care of her ailing mother. School were reluctant to give her admission but efforts from members at CAF Group helped Shivani resume her passion towards studies.


She lives in Sanjay Colony. Unfortunately she lost her mother at very young age and is currently raised by her father and grandmother. Her father is very protective and stringent and had forced her to stay indoors, impacting her education. When we approached them, however his father was not very supportive but her grandmother did show encouragement towards Sanjana’s education and we got her enrolled in school. She is currently in 9th class. She is very good at drawing and secures 1st position in every such competition. Picture of Sanjana’s drawings.



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