Maulana Azad Youth Summit

“Maulana Azad Youth Summit” is an effort of our organisation to recall the ideas, initiatives, thinking and strugglesof Maulana Abul Kalam Azad before and after independence of India and to put forward among the youths. As a first Education Minister of Independent India and a leading freedom fighter, the whole life of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is an outstanding example for youths to learn and follow.

Apart from politician Maulana Azad is a source of inspiration as a poet, writer, and philosopher. From his way of living we can get another dimension to look towards India (Past, Present and Future).He was one of the leading scholar in Urdu in 20th Century. As a journalist he embarked the movement of freedom. He always had a positive and progressive prospect for India. He was one of the leading nationalist of India.  He was the Man of Vision. He nurtured the new India with his idea, thought and philosophy. He acclaimed worldwide popularity with his thought of good quality education, emphasize on free primary education to all up to the age of 14 and technical education of India.

So, it is necessary and very essential to know the one of most important person behind Independent India and his affection, love towards India. Our youth should know his literary contribution as a poet, work as a journalist, selfless effort at freedom movement and every aspect of his life towards the betterment of the society.

Through this Summit  We are trying to recall the contribution and sacrifice as one of the pioneer of Modern New India, which will ultimately create a vibration among Youth with positive ambience.

Therefore, We are trying to bring the complete life history and other untouched aspects of Maulana Azad before the youths so that our present generation can also be one of the architecture of developed, harmonious, beautiful, free India like our beloved Maulana Azad. So our each and every activities of the program like Paper presentation, Discussion, Talk and Poetry will be based on the iconic and incredible life of Maulana Azad.

We have been organizing a National Seminar with the name of “Maulana Azad Youth summit”.Students from different universities, colleges and institutions will participate in this summit as paper presenter related to Maulana Azad, aspoet and part of the program as audience.The students, scholar, researchers who want to present their paper in the Seminar, are invited to present the same.Iconic personalities from different fields like Film, Sports, Academics, Social Work, and Mediawill enlighten us through their positive thought and motivation.

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